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Copper garage doors denver, co

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Japanese Brown Patina Steel Overlay 

Modern Steel Finish With Decorative Screws

Using the same process we use to build our copper garage doors we can overlay your garage door with pre-finished 27 gauge steel that comes with a 30 year finish warranty. Stainless, galvanized, and faux rust are just a few of the finish options. Get in touch with us today for more information on our steel clad garage doors.

We also offer custom steel overlay garage doors

Our copper garage doors are manufactured using a 27 gauge copper cladding. We both mechanically fasten and chemically bond the copper to a high quality insulated garage door. The result is a one of a kind looking and long lasting quality door.

Samples of our copper and steel clad garage doors in Denver, CO

If you are considering a copper garage door for your home in Denver, CO then look no more. We specialize in manufacturing copper clad garage doors. We offer many design options and each door is built to order. For more information contact us today. 602-677-5510

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